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Media monitoring is traditionally a resource-intensive task that has been scaling with the exponential growth of online publications, news forums and content producers. The task has grown beyond human capabilities. Current players, despite being global companies, in fact operate on a local basis being unable to scale globally mainly due to language barriers and insufficient automation.
There’s a need for a new tool that gathers, discovers, analyses, aggregates and simplifies the data, supporting the Media Monitoring professionals at a global scale. MONITIO will address the following essential problems with a sustainable cost structure:

The challenge: Irrelevant content and information overflow

Classic keyword-based methods fail to capture the true semantic meaning of text and end up matching irrelevant content or missing important information, thus overloading human analysts.

Multilingual diversity

Relevant news is produced all over the world and in multiple languages, making it almost impossible to monitor. We need to integrate knowledge across different cultures and languages and MONITIO will support analysts around the globe.

Scattered raw information

Content relevant to the client is scattered across many sources, forcing human analysts to dig into the low-level details and missing out on an organized contextual top-down view over the data.

Misinformation and disinformation

So much content is entirely fabricated or distorted to suit a specific agenda, increasing the analysis and verification effort or even leading to wrong conclusions – this is a major societal challenge and Monitio aims to support fact checking activities based on smart use of AI.

The Monitio Project

MONITIO is a project funded by the European commission to support the consortium in making their media monitoring platform a product, a real-time crosslingual global media monitoring platform which delivers actionable insights beyond human scale and capabilities. 

Our system continuously ingests a massive number of multilingual data sources that are automatically translated, filtered and categorized to generate intelligence reports specially geared towards the customers’ needs, based on a scalable and transparent pricing model.

MONITIO is powered by disruptive AI technology which analyses content streams natively in each language (without getting lost in translation) while discovering events, entities, links across different languages and intelligently adapting to the user needs.

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