Who is our audience?

MONITIO aims to bring media monitoring services to a broad range of clients: 

PR Agencies and other SMEs seeking an affordable and comprehensive solution;

Large multinational companies with internalized media monitoring workflows, including media publishers,
public sector and industrial clusters. 

All these potential MONITIO users are either currently paying for services which don’t give the required value for the money, or can’t find a high-quality service which suits their needs.

The platform is evaluated against a number of specific Use Cases for different types of customers:

Media Monitoring

Monitoring news and other media outlets for a general overview of what is going on in the world and how different sources report about the top stories


Keeping an eye on what is moving the target audiences by monitoring the topics and moods that move them

Content Performance

Evaluating and anaylsing different sets of sources and comparing their performance in terms of acceptance and impact 

Project Coordinator

monitio (at) priberam (dot) com

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